Gender Swapping Taylor Bundle

In Gender Swap at the Strip Club
After a night at the Magic Lady, Taylor will explore a part of himself he never knew existed!

Taylor’s boss, Jake, has taken him under his wing at work. He’s helped him land difficult clients and introduced him to life in a new city. But now Jake is taking Taylor to a strip club where he promises that Taylor will never be the same.

Taylor can’t keep his eyes off of one of the beautiful strippers, but after a private lap dance, he finds himself a changed man – well, woman, that is. It turns out Jake came to the club with ulterior motives, and now Taylor is going to find out how it feels to be with a real man.

And then see in Gender Swap at the Office

Taylor’s turn as a lady isn’t done yet!

One wild night has altered the direction of Taylor’s lifeā€¦for the better! When his boss took him to the Magic Lady strip club, he never knew that he would experience life from another perspective, especially not that of a woman.

He was grateful to transform back into a man, but he knows that too much pleasure, and he’ll change again.

But he’ll be convinced that it’s the change that he needed, especially when he meets Jake’s new friend Hector and decides to play with them both!

Get two stories in one!