Suzy and the Man of the House

I should have been embarrassed. I should have been ashamed.
But I spent the rest of the day up in my room just thinking about the look in Daddy’s eyes while he watched me get off. While he watched me get off and jacked off at the same time.
I came at least five more times.
Daddy made chicken for dinner that night and I didn’t think he was going to talk about it anymore. But he surprised me. He waited until I was chewing to start speaking.
“I wanted to apologize, Princess.” He smiled at me and for a second things felt normal again. Then his eyes drifted lower to where my white t-shirt was pulled tight over my boobs. I hadn’t bothered to wear a bra.
Daddy looked away and kept talking, a light blush on his cheeks. “What happened to day was wrong. I know that. I went out last night to…pray about something else. And I…prayed again today. We just have to put it behind us. How does that sound?”
From the way he said it, I thought that maybe he hadn’t been praying. But I knew I wouldn’t have these thoughts inside of me if they were wrong. I always knew the right thing, and I knew I had to show my father how much I respected him. Even if he didn’t know that he needed to be shown that. “Of course, Daddy. You know I love you.”
He sputtered on the water he’d been drinking, but eventually managed to swallow it down. “I love you, too, baby. But I also called your mom and told her she should think about coming back early.”
My stomach dropped. I only had the barest plan forming, but Mom would ruin everything. Daddy kept speaking, though. “She told me to call her again in a few days if we can’t sort it out. Said she’s in the middle of something that can’t be interrupted unless it’s an emergency.”
I swallowed my chicken. “I’m sure everything will be fine, Daddy.”
I noticed that every time I called him Daddy, his blush deepened. I made up my mind then to not call him anything else. As we finished up our meal, I already had my plan forming. I had promised to save myself for the right man.
And Daddy Jim was going to be that man.
I was going to seduce my stepdad.