The Bimbo Cure: Sara

Bimbos don’t care about anything but Master. Master says what’s right and wrong.
Mr. Stern pays me to work on Saturdays and follow directions. Easy enough, but when I forget my phone at the office and come back after hours I’m shocked to see a GIGGLY BIMBO who’s leaking milk out of her big titties. 

Then Mr. Stern shows up and all my thoughts fly away and I’m ready to be a ditzy, dumb bimbo for Daddy, the DOMINANT, alpha male who’s going to breed my virgin body and take control of my mind.

Warning: The Bimbo Cure is waiting for nubile women ready to be filled to the brim by dominant alphas and forget about all their troubles… and all the pesky knowledge clouding their brains! Read this hot, erotic tale of bimbo transformation today.

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